Field of work: Creative Director

Itelligence was a big challenge:

the customer wanted a lot of information put into the film. It should have a commercial value and at the same time be an introduction to the product at company presentations.


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The first three videos were created during my work for Artview Film & Animation as creative director.







IUBH commissioned a commercial to represent their online university.





IUBH had 2 x 3 min. of explanatory film produced for their online university.


The complexity of this assignment was on the one hand to combine real film scenes with CGI and on the other hand to plan and coordinate modelling, animation and filmed sequences.





Saltcracker. Music video for the band Passion Orange.


Me and a colleague initiated this video. We contacted the label with our idea and got a budget to produce the video.

We got the the inspiration by watching my uncle's 8 mm recordings from the US in the fifties.







Cornered Audio.





Studioline Photostudios.

Trailer for a marketing live event in Douglas stores. A photo could be implemented in real Time on-the-fly by an own programmed Special App Runtime on a PC and mobile.